Drone Repair Outsourcing

Drone Repair Outsourcing

Are you a drone manufacturer, drone dealer, national warranty provider or simply the owner of
a large amount of drones and looking drone repair outsourcing?

At USA Drone Repair, we offer quality repair and warranty services for your customers in the
United States.

Benefits of Outsourcing:drone repair outsourcing

  • No extra departments to create or special technicians to hire
  • No testing equipment to purchase
  • No extra inventory to keep on hand
  • No warranty repairs to deal with
  • Flat rates for most repairs (call/email us)
  • We also have the ability to provide flat rates per drone model (call/email us)
  • Reduced operating expenses for you
  • Quality assurance maintained
  • Direct customer service as needed or agreed upon
  • Turnaround time is typically 5-10 days (this is flexible and can be quicker if needed)
  • Blind shipping back to your customer available

Contact us with your needs and we can discuss the details of what you’d like to offer your
customers. We’re very flexible and can typically take care of you and your customers needs.drone repair outsourcing

Contact Us by Phone/Text/E-mail/Social:

719.351.7326 (voice/text)

E-mail: repair@usadronerepair.net

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