How It Works


Give us a call, text us at 719.351.7326 or e-mail us and we can discuss your drone repair.
Then you can drop off or ship us your drone to us for repair.yuneec typhoon h

1) Check-in:
When the shipper drops off your drone, we check it in, inventory everything sent, tag and assign it to one of our drone techs.

2) Diagnosis:
We run our diagnostic and any issues with your drone are identified by our expert technicians. Our diagnostic includes a complete inspection of your aircraft to determine all issues and needed repairs. Our tech then recommends the best and most cost effective plan for you.

3) Consultation:
Before any repairs are started, we’ll contact you (phone, text or email) and you will be provided with an accurate, no-obligation estimate and any options available.

4) Repair:
With your authorization, our tech starts and completes the repairs needed immediately. When completed, each repair step is double checked.

5) Testing:
Your drone is taken for a test flight to ensure everything is working correctly. Any adjustments needed will be be performed at this time and re-tested as needed.

6) Return Shipment (if it applies):
Your drone will be shipped via USPS or FedEx. You’ll get confirmation from us with tracking information.

Should you need any help after receiving your repaired drone, we’ll be happy to answer any follow up questions and provide technical support.

Note: Please pack and ship your drone and remote control to us using a standard shipping box. If you send your drone in a hard case or over-sized case, the shipper may charge additional shipping costs due to the extra weight and size.


**Important: USA Drone Repair or its technicians cannot be held liable for any future crashes or failed parts that may occur after the aircraft has left our shop.


***Equipment (anything brought to us for repair) left here for 45 days or more will be considered abandoned in the following circumstances and become the property of USA Drone Repair (aka: Repair on the Run, Ltd):
1 – Equipment dropped off or shipped to us, charged for repair, and not paid for within 45 days of completion.
2 – Equipment dropped off or shipped to us but not repaired or picked up within 45 days.
3 – Equipment paid for but returned to us by the shipper as un-deliverable, and we are unable to contact the customer or customer does not contact us within the 45 day period.


Contact Us by Phone/Text/E-mail/Social:usa veteran owned drone business

719.351.7326 (voice/text)

USA Drone Repair by Repair on the Run, Ltd