Register Your Drone

A hot topic as of late is whether or not you have to register your drone with the FAA. The short answer is YES (if your drone is between .55lbs – 55lbs). It’s a measly $5 and it just might save you some legal headaches. However you may be wondering why. Maybe you are minding your Read More…

28 Mar 2017

DJI Phantom 3 Gimbal Repair

Our customer sent in a Phantom 3 Std for gimbal repair. They had a bent YAW arm, bad roll arm motor, broken roll arm and a torn ribbon cable. We took care of them and got them up and flying in a day. Read More…

24 Mar 2017

Neat Drone Video Read More…

04 Mar 2017

Hubsan Drone Repair

Hubsan Drone Repair Did you know we can repair Hubsan drones? Here is an X4 H501S we recently replaced motors on. Read More…

30 Dec 2016

Drones are the Future

Drones are the Future Drones are part of our everyday life, they entertain and help us get things done. Sometimes we see them in action, other times we hear about them on the news. Some drones are built for fun, while others are built for business. Some have a specific purpose, while others are generic Read More…

01 Nov 2016
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