Drones are the Future

Drones are the Future Drones are part of our everyday life, they entertain and help us get things done. Sometimes we see them in action, other times we hear about them on the news. Some drones are built for fun, while others are built for business. Some have a specific purpose, while others are generic Read More…

01 Nov 2016

PhoneDrone Ethos

Pretty sleek. Not so sure I’d want to be sending my phone up on a drone, but nevertheless a great idea. Read More…

11 Oct 2016

Flypro XJaguar

Flypro is releasing this racing drone, the X Jaguar. Specs say the maximum speed can be up to 150km/h. That’s pretty fast for an off the shelf racing drone! Read More…

10 Oct 2016

GoPro Karma Is Out!

GoPro has finally released Karma, the drone we’ve been waiting to see and hear about for the past year. It’s pretty cool. It has foldable legs and arms and the camera is out front instead of underneath the drone. The gimbal is amazing. It’s the smoothest I’ve seen on an $800 drone.     Read More…

20 Sep 2016

DJI’s next drone might be foldable

DJI is reportedly working on a new quadrocopter called the Mavic that’ll fold up for easy transport. Heliguy reports that photos of the drone leaked this past week along with some specs. The drone will supposedly come with a 4K camera and two-axis gimbal, up to 300 meter Wi-Fi, a 3,830mAh battery, and an LCD Read More…

07 Sep 2016
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