Professional Drone Tune Up

We now offer our Professional Drone Tune Up for $69!

Did you know that over time your drone may need a professional drone tune up?

Just like a car, your drone needs to be gone through to check for possible issues and to do some Preventive Maintenance once, possibly twice a year depending on how much you use it and the conditions you fly it in.

Hard landings, small crashes and motor vibration takes its toll on your drone(s).

What we do:professional drone tune up

  • Test flight
  • Full diagnostic (inside and out)
  • Firmware updates (both drone and remote control)
  • Circuit board inspection for loose components, questionable solder joints and pads and touching those up as needed
  • Check battery life (if possible)
  • Blow out any dirt/unwanted materials on the inside of the drone plus the motors
  • Wipe down the outside and clean the best we can

This is an excellent service that is recommended at a minimum of once a year (maybe twice). It’s like a mini refurb.

Drop off your drone or ship it to our repair shop in Colorado Springs, CO and USA Drone Repair will complete the tune up process from start to finish along with quality assurance testing before you pick it up or we pack and ship it. We want to get you back flying as soon as possible. Most tune up’s are completed within 5┬ábusiness days.


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